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    [CLOSED] 2015 Birthday Project


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    [CLOSED] 2015 Birthday Project

    Post by jonqin on Mon Apr 06, 2015 8:02 pm

    2015 Birthday Project
    For Lu Han's birthday, Lu Han fansites decided to affiliate with one another to create one big project for him. The project is a world marathon/relay of the fans. It's a very simple and clean-cut project. Read the following rules for more information.

    1. By yourself or with a group of friends/fellow fans, go to your local city's landmark and take a picture of you (all) in front of the landmark holding the project logo (pictured above and available here). (A/N: Be sure to include the landmark in the picture. It does not have to be a significant landmark in fact it can be any location in your city/country.)
    2. Do not attach the logo using Photoshop. You must be holding it. You can print it out or open it using your phone or any electronic device. It must be shown in the photo with the landmark.
    3. Please upload your picture to Twitter and Weibo if you have one. Make sure to turn on the GPS location so we know what your landmark is! Also, be sure to mention @LuhanWorld for a retweet.
    4. The posting format is the following: "#LuhanFansiteWorldRelay I'm a fan of Luhan in XX (city) XX (country). (Include short personal message here)" If you are posting on Weibo, the tag is #0420鹿晗生日鹿饭环球示爱# instead of #LuhanFansiteWorldRelay.
    5. After posting your data on social media, please email your data to luhanworldofficial@gmail.com. Your data should include your original picture(s) of you holding the logo, your GPS location, your text, and the link to your posts from your Twitter and/or Weibo.

    The following is the schedule of when your location should be posting your data on social media:
    **It is okay if your date has already past. Be sure to upload your data to social media!
    April 2nd - China, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan
    April 3rd - Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore
    April 4th - Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, India
    April 5th - Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey
    April 6th - Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland
    April 7th - United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium
    April 8th - Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece
    April 9th - Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, South Africa, Congo, Cameroon, Nigeria, Libya, Algeria, Morocco
    April 10th - Canada, United States, Mexico
    April 11th - Cuba, Haiti, Costa Rica, Panama
    April 12th - Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil, Paraguay
    April 13th - Uruguay, Argentina, Chile
    April 14th - Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador
    April 15th - New Zealand, Austrialia
    April 16th - Return to the Great Wall of China

    Project Captain: LuHan International @luking0420
    Project Affiliate: LuhanWorld International Fansite @luhanworld
    If you have any questions, feel free to email us at luhanworldofficial@gmail.com or tweet us @LuhanWorld. You may also tweet @luking0420.

    Thank you and have fun!

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    Re: [CLOSED] 2015 Birthday Project

    Post by jonqin on Mon Apr 06, 2015 9:55 pm

    Examples of postings below:

    Be sure to mention @LuhanWorld when posting on Twitter!

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