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February 2018


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    Behind the stage interview with Luhan



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    Behind the stage interview with Luhan

    Post by MILA on Wed Apr 04, 2012 1:48 pm

    -Interviewer: How do you feel in your showcase?
    -Luhan: What I feel is I’m very thankful to those who came and I am happy, yeah, very happy that we performed well and more people supports us.
    -Interviewer: We know that only EXO-M can really understand well mandarin, how was the EXO-K members feeling?
    -Luhan: Yeah,(laugh) they always ask EXO-M members on what they are saying and we also answer them back.
    (D.O. came)
    -Interviewer: (to D.O) How do you feel during the press conference?
    -D.O: Ah, well , i really don’t understand mandarin that’s why I always ask lay.
    -Luhan: Yeah, he always turn his head.
    -D.O: That’s why I always almost going to pop out my eyes. (laughs hard) I’m nervous that time
    -Interviewer: So what are your plans?
    -D.O: Well, I will study mandarin very well. right? (to luhan)

    Credit:smexoplanet @ tumblr

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    Re: Behind the stage interview with Luhan

    Post by JeriCA.zhu on Tue Jul 17, 2012 1:46 am

    hope they study mandarin well
    so that they do not need to turn around and ask ad Smile
    they will get better !

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