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February 2018


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    [120822/MAGAZINE ] CeCi Magazine September Issue - Luhan's parts


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    [120822/MAGAZINE ] CeCi Magazine September Issue - Luhan's parts

    Post by baekchanloveseu on Wed Aug 22, 2012 9:15 am

    I translated luhan's part ONLY. For more information you can visit this person's weibo ( http://www.weibo.com/winnie803 ) and sorry if there's any mistakes in my translations. =)

    originally translated from korean to chinese by 维尼

    charming parts: shiny pretty eyes, luhan looked very charming with a dazed look on his face.
    nationality: china

    luhan's secret party: it would be great if the party can be held at a field, a game of football plus a few entertaining performances should be interesting enough. as for the guest, i would like to invite ronaldo,beckham,rooney and coach ferguson. Lastly i would wanna add in a few of their (not sure who does he refer to) favorite female singer. very dreamlike.

    predebut: I took language in yonsei university, was scouted when I went shopping at myeongdong.It was 2008 and i was only 18 years old. up till 14 years old, manchester united was my ultimate football goal,but my parents objected strongly. however they agreed right away when i said i wanna be a singer.

    the advantage of my superpower: telepathy makes life easier, it would be troublesome if we do not have this superpower.

    when im looking in a mirror: compared to looking at my facial features individually, i think my whole face look kinda harmonized (i think thats what he meant)

    times when i feel man: i am always a gentleman.

    ideal type: long hair,fair skin, those who make him feel comfortable.

    when visiting a convenience shop: pay more attention to the noodle section

    if i get to have a week of holiday: it doesnt matter where i go as long as its with my family.

    my outstanding point: i think i look best when i smile, conclusion: my dimples and eyes

    to me after 10 years: you must get married.

    plans for the future: preparing for the album which will be release in autumn and also activities in china. Im going to prepare for the SM concert tomorrow, cant wait for it.

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