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February 2018


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    121205 Top Idol December Issue Translations


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    121205 Top Idol December Issue Translations

    Post by taroxiaolu on Thu Dec 06, 2012 8:25 am

    Q: What do you think is most charismatic about you? What part of yourself do you like the most?

    Tao: Sexy, Hardworking, Good body (*laugh*). I like my mouth the most.

    Q: What were the members' first impression of you?

    Xiumin: Everyone would think I was the maknae, because of my doll-like face. I remember that the first time I met Lay, he didn't greet me with honorifics, because he thought we were the same age. Reality is that I'm actually older than Lay by a year!

    Q: Will you usually listen to other bands’ songs? Which band do you admire the most?

    Chen: Of course I will listen to other bands! The bands I admire the most are our seniors within the company, but I don’t have a favorite, and I use each of them as a standard to reach and will work hard to reach to improve

    Q: Will you listen to your seniors' (within SM) songs? Whom do you admire the most?

    Lay: I love listening to everyone's songs! Before debuting, I performed together with SHINee once, and learned a lot from this experience. Afterwards, when they found out that I was debuting, they congratulated me and cared for me a lot.

    Q: Is there any phrase that you will say every day or do you have some sort of catchphrase?

    Lu Han: Jue~jue! There isn't any special meaning to it, but it's kind of like an exclamation! (At this time, Chen who was sitting next to him also said "jue~jue!")

    Q: What is your impression of Taiwan? Is there anything you specifically want to eat or anywhere you want to go?

    Kris: Although we have come to Taiwan twice, the time that we have spent here due to promotions has been very short, yet there have been a lot of fans supporting up. It is very moving, and it leaves a lasting impression on us. At another interview, fans brought us bubble tea, it was delicious!

    translation: sadsuho @ Tumblr
    shared by: taroxiaolu @ LuhanWorld


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