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    EXO-M interview with a fashion magazine.


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    EXO-M interview with a fashion magazine.

    Post by baekchanloveseu on Tue May 08, 2012 2:43 pm

    I think this video was shoot before Happy Camp (a famous China talkshow)

    MC: say hello to everyone

    EXO-M: one,two,three, hello everyone we are EXO-M

    Kris: Our group is called EXO and it was derived from the word EXOPLANET. It means an unknown planet.(or maybe mysterious), so we are EXO-M and M means we are a group in China. We also have another group which is EXO-K and their activities are mainly in Korea. So when we 12 people are together, we are called EXO. When we carry out our activities separately we use the name EXO-M and EXO-K.

    Details about EXO-M

    D.O.B: 6th Nov 1990
    Height: 187CM
    Specialties: Language (English, Korean, Cantonese), Basketball

    D.O.B: 20th Apr 1990
    Specialtied: Football, Rubik cube

    D.O.B: 2nd May 1993
    Height: 183CM
    Specialties: Martial Arts

    DOB:21st Sept 1992
    Height: 172CM
    Specialties: Singing, piano

    DOB:7th Oct 1991
    Specialties: dancing,piano,guitar

    DOB:26th March 1990
    Specialties: Taekwondo, Fencing(not so sure cos the transition was too fast for xiumin's part =.=)

    MC: I heard that you guys brought your own album to CHangsha, can you introduce us your album?

    Kris: Our title album is [MAMA] and this album has 6 songs and the main title song is "MAMA", this song has a strong (sense/style??) and in the middle of the MV we have a very magnificent stage effect. Our costumes and makeup also produce a very strong visual effect.

    MC: I know its very tiring for korean artist, do you have any unforgettable moments during your training?

    Luhan:During our training, I think the toughest thing for us china members is we missed our home, because we dont have the chance to go home.

    MC: then do you feel tired?

    Luhan: Actually this is our dream, so we dont feel tired when we were training very hard.

    We are together because we share the same dream, we are group members and also brothers!

    MC: so i see you all have the same costume, can you introduce your costume fashion?

    Kris: actually this costume that we are wearing now was the costume we wore for History which was another song in our album. So this is the costume we are going to wear for later's performance.

    MC: so this is what the company want you to wear, what do you all like to wear usually then?

    Kris: we all have different fashion sense,

    MC: everybody please talk about your own fashion sense =)

    Kris: I prefer something casual...

    Lay: i like Japanese style for my clothings (?)

    Luhan: i like clothes that are simple...

    Xiumin: i like to wear something casual

    Chen: i like to wear something simple

    Tao:I like to wear something that suits me, looks good on me

    MC: can u perform a song from your album live?


    this is my first time translating, so there might be some grammatical mistakes. sorry =)

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    Re: EXO-M interview with a fashion magazine.

    Post by JeriCA.zhu on Tue Jul 17, 2012 1:45 am

    the translation is pretty good though
    can know more about the
    thanks for translating !

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    Re: EXO-M interview with a fashion magazine.

    Post by baekchanloveseu on Tue Jul 17, 2012 3:11 pm

    haha thanks, btw i noticed you are from malaysia???

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    Re: EXO-M interview with a fashion magazine.

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