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February 2018


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    120420 LuHan Plays Rubik 50 seconds! @ Yinyuetai Interview Cut


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    120420 LuHan Plays Rubik 50 seconds! @ Yinyuetai Interview Cut

    Post by vivi_exo on Wed May 16, 2012 8:46 am

    Below are the translations for the video and I just thought Luhan was so pro <3 in this rubix cube video!
    Hes cute, smart, handsome, and uber good at dancing (:
    Check the video out!

    Host: Luhan, have you learned anything special when you were younger?

    Luhan: I learned a lot of great stuff but now I've forgotten it all.

    Host: What do you play every so often?

    Luhan: Maybe not with my hands but I like the rubix cube.

    Host: Here here here, a rubix cube. I'll be keeping time, we want to see how long it will take you to finish the rubix cube. We also have another one, anyone want to try? This one is even harder. Okay, lets just all watch Luhan first.

    Host: We'll keep time 1,2,3. GO! Has anyone else in the group seen Luhan do this before?

    Lay: Actually, we've all seen it before.

    Host: So whats the fastest time that he has done this in?

    Tao: 30 seconds is probably his fastest

    Lay: 1 minute and 30 seconds, I think. If he's nervous it will probably take longer.

    Host: So, in 1 minute and 30 seconds he will be done?

    Lay: Yea! Probably

    Host: Has he taught anyone else to do the rubix cube before?

    Kris: Yes, actually he has but I just really can't do it.

    Host: So he has taught you?

    Kris: No, he just told me about it before because I asked him. I was like how do you do it so well. Can you teach me? So, he told me a technique but I have totally forgotten it afterwards.

    Host & Exo-K: WOOOOO! Ok Ok how long was the time for that?
    Not even 1 minute! So pro, so pro. Now try this one!

    THEEE END ~~

    hope you enjoyed my translations and Luhan's pro video! <3<3

    [ did this by ear so if theres any mistakes xDD but I am taiwanese :DD ]

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