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February 2018


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    120517 Luhan replies to the fans at EXO-M official website



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    120517 Luhan replies to the fans at EXO-M official website

    Post by MILA on Thu May 17, 2012 10:47 pm



    1. Fan: Luhan, I’m waiting for you. Is Vitamin water good? Kyungsoo is here also, when will you come? You will come won’t you?

    Luhan: I’m here now~

    2. Fan: Luhan, did you eat dinner well? What did you eat??

    Luhan: I had Kimchi stew~~

    3. Fan: Luhan, are you an angel??? You’re an angel right? The angel who guards EXO PLANET?

    Luhan: I am the deer at dawn~^^;;

    4. Fan: Luhan-oppa is actually really manly, and you’re very good-looking ^^ Oppa, I really like you ^^

    Luhan: Thank you~^^ Please keep loving me from here on~

    5. Fan: Deer of the dawn Luhan! Do your best in China! We’ll always cheer for you! I love you! We are one!

    Luhan: Thank you~ I love you too~

    6. Fan: Luhan, which soccer team do you like? +_+ I’m curious.

    Luhan: I really like Manchester United a lot~ ♥

    7. Fan: Luhan-ah, how did it feel to see the Korean fans? Hehe.

    Luhan: It was really really great~!!! I hope I’ll be able to see you guys often!

    8. Fan: Luhan-ah, songs you want to sing! Are there any? Song you want to sing in front of fans! I want to know~ What kind of songs do you usually like?

    Luhan: What do you want to hear?~~

    9. Fan: Luhan-ah TT TT What flavour of bubble tea do you like? Sehun likes chocolate flavour bubble tea, so what flavour does Luhan like? Please tell me, I’m curious!

    Luhan: I like taro bubble tea~~^^

    10. Fan: Your replies are too short, Luhan TT Can you write more than two lines? ^^

    Luhan: I’ll work hard to study Korean, and next time I’ll write more than two lines~^^

    11. Fan: What Korean word does Luhan oppa like? I like “I love you” hehe. Luhan oppa, I love you TT TT TT TT TT

    Luhan: ~Luhan~ Let’s fall in love~


    12. Fan: Luhan, did you forget about this fanboard? I really miss you miss you miss you miss you~

    Luhan: I didn’t~ I’m here to reply now~

    13. Fan: Luhan!!!! I finally saw you! Do your best in LA tomorrow! Remember to eat more, you’re too thin!!! Go to bed early tonight, don’t wander around!!!

    Luhan: Okay~ I’ll eat a lot~ ♥

    14. Fan: Is handsome Luhan there? Look here~ Miss you miss you~ Your recent performance was great~~~ Work hard~~~

    Luhan: Thank you thank you!!!! ^^ I miss you guys too!!~

    15. Fan: Sir Luhan, are you still there? Show yourself if you are! Lulululu-ge, I miss you like crazy, come and play with us~~ <3

    Luhan: I miss you guys too~~~~~~

    16. Fan: Lu-ge, Lu-ge, when you guys come back it’ll be exam time and I won’t be able to go and cheer you on, so sad. I have 3 weeks of exams, Lu-ge. If I can’t go to greet you at the airport, I’ll be very unhappy, but I can’t just disregard exams either. T_____T What to do, so conflicted.

    Luhan: Work hard for your exams~~^^ Do your best

    17. Fan: Lulululululu you dropped something~ Lu-ge, let me tell you, your good looks dropped, and I have it right now >_< Do you want it back?~ Then trade for it with your love hehe. You have to eat a lot and gain some weight okay? >_< Love you ♥

    Luhan: Don’t worry~ I’m doing my best to gain weight right now~

    18. Fan: Give me a heart! Luhan, can you give me a heart???

    Luhan: ♥

    19. Fan: Lu-ge, Lu-ge, I have a surprise!!! It’s my birthday today!!! I finally got to see your replies!! Wish me a happy birthday okay~~ I love you~~ Thank you~~~

    Luhan: Happy birthday!! ^^

    20. Fan: Luhan, do you play midfield or winger? And who’s your favorite soccer player?

    Luhan: I play forward~ I like C. Ronaldo the most~

    21. Fan: I’m here on behalf of the people who can’t get on the official site, so Luhan you have to click~ please. The you on stage is so cool, the you off stage warms my heart. I’ll be supporting you in the days that follow~ Take care of yourself, Luhan, do your best!

    Luhan: We really really appreciate all your support for us!!! ♥

    22. Fan: Luhan, are you happy that you’re going to SMT? Do your best! I’ll be waiting for your return. Luhan, it’s been a month since we parted at Changsha! I’m always waiting for you to come back!! Are you doing well in Korea? Is practice tiring? You’re about to attend SMT, I’m so excited!! Do your best! I’ll be waiting for you to return to China!!!

    Luhan: We’ll definitely do our best at SMT! Hehe~

    23. Fan: Luhan student, please give the people who are streaming on the charts some encouragement! To the handsome Mr. Luhan: I’m reporting to you that we have already achieved 6 consecutive wins on Yinyuetai!!! The competition is fierce this week!! But we will persevere!! Call everyone to work their hardest!!! We’re all working hard!!! Give us a good comment!!!

    Luhan: Thanks everyone!!! You’ve all worked hard! I love you!!! ♥

    24. Fan: Luhan can you wish me a happy birthday?~ Today’s my birthday Luhan. Can you say “happy birthday” to me? Tomorrow you’ll be going to LA. I’m looking forward to your performance! Do your best!

    Luhan: Happy birthday~~~~

    25. Fan: Luhan student, click here and reply to jiejie (noona)~Deer of the dawn~ do your best at SMtown LA~ take care of yourself~ I’m cheering you on~ If you see this, reply, even if it’s a dot ^_^

    Luhan: Thank you jiejie (noona)! ^^

    26. Fan: Luhan look here part 3. Lu-ge are you really gone already? But I’m going to keep sending anyway. Because to give up is not in my dictionary (History). I really want to hear EXO-M’s “Into Your World” Live~ Will we be able to? Sing it when you come back! Promise, stamp, sign, rewrite, photocopy~~~ done, now you have obey the contract~

    Luhan: We will be able to ^^

    27. Fan: Luhan, how do you think your English is? Also, do you lurk around in Baidu bars?

    Luhan: I’m working hard to learn~ TT TT

    28. Fan: Luhan, tomorrow you’ll be going to America. Nervous? Do your best!

    Luhan: Nervous………..

    29. Fan: Luhan, jiejie is here~ give jiejie a kiss~ <3 <3 <#

    Luhan: ♥♥O♥

    30. Luhan: Hello~~^^…

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